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Bericht van ESAM (1)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Over  the past couple of weeks, the Organising Committee of the ICAM 2020 have been considering the viability of the postponement to 2021.

A number of considerations were discussed by the Organising Committee including the following:

  • The pandemic continues to be a major threat across Europe and beyond.
  • It is unlikely that life will have returned to normal by September of 2021.
  • Despite the development of vaccines, there will be a period of time before they are deployed sufficiently to convey herd immunity to the general population.
  • Recovery of the Aviation industry and international travel is unlikely to be by September 2021.
  • Making a "go, no-go" decision for ICAM 2021 would be required by March 2021 at the latest.
  • If we choose to run with 2021 and postpone again, we would lose our deposits whereas deferring to 2022 incurs no extra costs.
  • Deferring to 2022 realigns the event with the regular cycle of ECAMs and ICASMs. We will no longer be out of sync.
  • Deferring to 2022 allows the new Conferencing company to establish itself and prepare efficiently  for the Congress.
  • The concept of the ICAM was to bring together members of all four organisations to convene in a physical location and share the experience. Holding a diluted meeting with social distance does not meet with the philosophy of the Congress.
  • A virtual meeting was proposed by the Academy in September 2021 which would be virtual and would act as a "taster" for the ICAM 2022 with four sessions presented by each of the four organisations and expressing their own unique character over a two day period using webinars. The Organising Committee supported the proposal and will develop the concept together.

On Wednesday, a Zoom meeting was held to discuss the implications and the practicalities of deferring the iCAM to 2022. The Organising Committee unanimously agreed to defer to 2022 with a webinar programme in 2021 representing the four organisations. Details to follow.

I would like to take this opportunity too wish you and yours a very safe and Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and better New Year.


ESAM Representative to the ICAM Organising Committee.

President ESAM

European Society of Aerospace Medicine
Please visit our website: http://www.esam.aero/


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